Deciding What You Want

Deciding What You Want

Working With A Dealer To Purchase A Vehicle With Poor Credit Ratings

by Alex Hale

If you need to purchase a vehicle with less than perfect credit, you may have already determined that getting a loan will be challenging. The good news is that it is not impossible, and there are bad credit car financing options that can help—but be sure you understand all the terms and how these loans work before you sign the contract.

Read The Loan Terms

If you are working with a bad credit car financing company or dealer, you must go through the process carefully. Most of the loans offered to you are legitimate, but they can come with strings attached, like single missed payment terms that allow the dealer to repossess your car if you miss one payment.

The interest rates are often very high on the loan, but if you have no other option, you could start with a bad credit loan and then refinance it in six months or a year to get a better rate. Not every dealership that works with poor credit applicants forces you to pay a lot of interest; in fact, many will bend over backward to try and help you get a loan and succeed at taking the loan to term. 

When you are presented with a loan option, take the time to go over the loan details and ask any questions you have before you sign the papers. If there is something that you don't like in the loan agreement, it is thought to fix after you have already signed the documents but might be flexible if you ask before closing. 

Stay In Your Budget

It can be tempting to take a loan offered to you even if it is a little out of your payment range, especially if you have been without a vehicle. When you reach the point that you are seriously looking at cars and trucks and ready to try and finance on, talk to several different dealers before you decide what to do. 

Often, a bad credit financing dealership—such as Globul—will have many cars and trucks in different price ranges, and if there are several dealers working with poor credit clients, you have several options to choose from. Start with a smaller loan if you can tell the dealer what your budget is and stick to the payment or lower. 

You may want to get a car that's a few years old, but if it is in great shape it could still be a good option for you to get started. As your credit improves, you can consider upgrading later but think of the first car as a stepping stone to a better credit score that will allow you to purchase new with low-interest rates in a few years.


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Deciding What You Want

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