Deciding What You Want

Deciding What You Want

Seven Issues You Should Discuss With The Dealership Before Buying A Vehicle

by Alex Hale

Purchasing a car from a dealer is a big decision. It's a decision you should only make when you're adequately informed. There are numerous issues you should discuss with your dealership before you decide to buy a vehicle, such as:

The available incentives

Dealerships regularly offer incentives that can make it possible to get more from your vehicle purchase. Make sure that you ask about any incentives the dealership has going on at the moment. Most likely, there are numerous incentives available that you'll want to know about. 

The test drive

You absolutely must do a test drive in a vehicle before you buy it. You should not only test drive your future vehicle in town, but you should also ask if you could take the vehicle out on the highway.

It's always helpful to get a vehicle up to highway speeds when you're deciding how you like the feel of it before making a purchase. 

The safety features

Safety is a huge issue when you're deciding on the right vehicle. If you bring the issue up with your dealership, you may be able to take advantage of some add-on safety features that will give you peace of mind while driving in your new car. 

The rebates available from the manufacturer

With a manufacturer rebate, you can get a nice chunk of change back from your vehicle's manufacturer after you make your purchase. Receiving a rebate check in the mail after you've bought your car is a great perk that you can use to treat yourself with for something special. 

The warranty coverage

When a dealership or manufacturer provides warranty coverage on a vehicle, it's a good sign that the vehicle will be mechanically sound. Chances are you'll have some repair issues down the road. Having high-quality warranty coverage available will really save you money when this happens.

The trade-in

If you have a previous vehicle that you need to get rid of, chances are you'll trade it in. When you do this, your dealership should take something off the price of your new vehicle purchase.

Of course, you want to negotiate the highest possible trade-in value you can. The more you get for your trade-in, the less you have to pay for your new vehicle. 

The loan terms

If you're getting financing through the dealership, you need to discuss the loan terms. Try to get the lowest possible interest rates you can. Also, consider the differing interest charges that will go along with different amounts you might put up for the down payment on your vehicle. 

Keep these tips in mind as you look for a car dealership, such as a Nissan dealer, near you.


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Deciding What You Want

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