Deciding What You Want

Deciding What You Want

Negotiating Your New Car Purchase When You Find A Car You Love

by Alex Hale

While buying a new car may be exciting, it can also cause you stress when you aren't sure what you are doing. Purchasing a new car is not as simple as seeing a sticker price and paying it. A number of factors go into your overall price and how much you might pay every month for your new vehicle. If you have decent credit, your credit score will allow you the ability to purchase a new car at a good interest rate. When your credit score isn't optimal, you may run into problems securing a car loan, or you will need to pay higher interest rates to buy a new vehicle.

Figuring Out Your Interest Rate

One of the ways you can lower your payments every month is to get the best interest rate possible on your car loan. If you don't have great credit, you can ask a trusted friend or family member to co-sign the car loan for you. When you have a co-signer who has great credit, you should see your interest rate go down. This will help you have a lower car payment every month and make a new car more affordable for you.

Negotiating Your Trade

If you have a current vehicle that you are going to trade in as part of your new car purchase, you can negotiate how much money you get for your trade. Some new car dealerships offer you a set amount for your trade no matter what condition it is in. When your current vehicle has minimal value, it can help your overall purchase price to go with a dealer that is offering a flat rate for any trade. When you have a vehicle that is worth much more, you can negotiate what will be taken off your purchase price in exchange for your trade.

Looking for Rebates

When you visit a new car dealer, there may be rebates offered by the manufacturer on certain vehicles. Talk to your salesperson about any rebates that might be offered at this time and consider purchasing a new car that comes with a rebate to get the best deal possible.

There is some negotiating power when it comes to buying a new car, but your car dealer still needs to make a profit on the vehicle. Pay attention to interest rates and get help from a co-signer if you can to reduce your interest rate.


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Deciding What You Want

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