Deciding What You Want

Deciding What You Want

3 Tips For Buying A New Horse Trailer

by Alex Hale

Owning a horse provides you with the unique opportunity to participate in equine events. Many of these events require you to transport your horse to various venues, so having access to a reliable horse trailer is important.

Here are three tips that you can keep in mind to help you select the new horse trailer best suited to meet your transportation needs in the future:

1. Take your horse's measurements into consideration.

Your primary goal when purchasing a new horse trailer should be to transport your horse safely and comfortably. Horses come in many different shapes and sizes, so it's important that your horse trailer is equipped to meet the unique dimensions of your animal.

Be sure that you measure your horse's height and width before beginning your search for a new trailer. These measurements will help you rule out trailers that are too short or have stalls that are too narrow to accommodate your horse in the future.

2. Check for proper ventilation.

Modern horse trailers are mostly enclosed. This feature allows you to protect your horse from the elements during transit, but an enclosed trailer can become stuffy and hot as you travel down the road. To ensure the health and safety of your horse, you need to invest in a trailer with the right amount of ventilation.

Look for a trailer that features sliding windows so you can adjust the amount of air coming into the trailer. Your new trailer should also have an overhead vent installed above each stall to ensure maximum comfort for your horse while traveling in the future.

3. Ensure your trailer has proper access doors.

Many modern horse trailers feature a slant-load design. This design allows for a more stable trailer to be constructed on a shorter base, decreasing the cost of a horse trailer and making trailers easier to tow. It's important that you look for proper access doors when you are investing in a slant-load trailer.

Your trailer should have doors at both the front and the rear of the trailer. This allows you to easily access the horses loaded near the front of the trailer in an emergency and gives you options for unloading your animals should one of the doors become blocked.

Finding the right horse trailer is critical when it comes to safely hauling your hose to equine events. Be sure that you consider your horse's measurements, ensure your new trailer has proper ventilation, and look for a trailer with multiple access doors when shopping for a new horse trailer.

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