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Deciding What You Want

2 Brake Fluid Issues That Indicate It Is Time To Have Your Brake System Inspected

by Alex Hale

If you are starting to notice that the brakes in your car are making loud noises each time you try to stop your vehicle, you may already realize that it's about time to have your brakes serviced. Loud noises can result from the revealed metal backing of your brake pads coming in contact with the metal of your rotors each time you press your brake pedal. The metal against metal causes the loud squealing noise that is characteristic of failing brakes. Still, there are also issues that can surface due to problems with your brake fluid. Here are two brake fluid problems that indicate it's time to have your brake system inspected:

Low Levels of Brake fluid

If you check the brake fluid reservoir in your vehicle and you notice that the fluid level is below normal, it is best to have your brakes checked. Brake fluid levels that are insufficient may indicate that there is a leak. Leaks can cause there to be too little pressure available to stop your car efficiently.

Once the fluid levels in your car are below an optimal level, the brake pedal in your vehicle may start to feel less stiff or firm when you press it with your foot. The mushiness of the brake pedal can make it feel as though you have to press the pedal firmly against the floorboard of your car in order to stop the vehicle.

Brake fluid transfers pressure from the brake pedal to the brakes of your car. However, when there is too little fluid available, there may also be too little pressure available to stop your car.

Old Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is only designed to last a couple of years before it needs to be replaced. If the brake fluid in your vehicle has been there for a long period or if you do not remember when your brake fluid was last replaced, it is best to take your car in to be serviced. 

Brake fluid becomes contaminated over time due to water contamination. Brake fluid can absorb atmospheric water, which causes the boiling point of the fluid to lower. Since the boiling point of a liquid is the temperature at which it becomes a gas, a lower boiling point will cause the brake fluid to enter a gaseous state at lower temperatures. Brake fluid is only effective at transferring breaking pressure when it is in a liquid state. Thus, fluid that is heavily contaminated with moisture needs to be replaced to ensure that the brake fluid works as it should.

If you believe that the brakes in your car need to be serviced, contact an automotive shop in your area to schedule an appointment. To learn more, speak with a business like Auto Team Car Care Center LLC.


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