Deciding What You Want

Deciding What You Want

Mental & Physical Benefits Of Motorcycle Riding

by Alex Hale

People who don't ride motorcycles may not understand why you want to buy one. It can be hard to explain to a non-rider, especially when you may not have thought a lot about it yourself. You've found that being a motorcycle passenger is really fun, but is there anything else to say? When you list the advantages of motorcycle riding for your friends, relatives and co-workers, you can include specific mental and physical benefits. 

Mental Benefits

Research results have found that operating a motorcycle appears to improve functions associated with the prefrontal brain.

In one study, 22 middle-aged men who were able to drive a motorcycle but had not done so in more than 10 years were divided into two groups. One group began riding again regularly and the other continued to avoid the activity. After the two months, testing indicated that the riding group experienced improvements in short-term memory improvement and spatial recognition. Spatial recognition involves remembering whether a specific object has been seen in a specific location before. 

The theory is that the brain experiences healthy stimulation during motorcycle riding because of the intricate physical action and information processing required to do so. The rider must continually balance the bike, coordinate the body and maintain a high level of alertness compared with driving a car. 

Physical Benefits

Operating a motorcycle burns more calories than driving a car does. You have to maintain balance, navigate curves and use the clutch. You tense your arm muscles as you drive into wind and whenever you change direction. As you maneuver through slow traffic, you must continually bring your feet off the ground and back down again. 

In addition, it's pretty tough to eat a cheeseburger while driving a motorcycle. 

Using your leg, arm, abdominal and back muscles to keep the bike upright and going in a certain direction helps keep your body strong and fit. 

Informal Findings

You can get many ideas about the mental health benefits of motorcycle riding by looking at informal surveys motorcycle-related websites conduct. One survey, for example, received responses listing benefits such as:

  • relaxation
  • stress relief
  • a feeling of freedom
  • a sense of control
  • enjoying the challenge
  • the sensory experience of not being enclosed in a vehicle

Some compare the activity to bicycle riding, only being able to go faster and further -- and not having to pedal uphill. 

Tell Anyone Who Asks

As you consider all these advantages of motorcycle riding, you may be able to come up with more. Once you have your own bike, you'll have no trouble explaining why you ride -- although you may not feel the need to do so. If your friends have more in-depth questions about motorcycles, direct them to a business like Canyon Honda so they can learn more.


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