Deciding What You Want

Deciding What You Want

5 Reasons To Buy New Instead Of Used

by Alex Hale

If you are looking into purchasing a vehicle, you might be thinking about buying a used car or truck. Although there are certainly benefits to buying used, such as a lower purchase price and less of a depreciation in value in the first few years that you own it, you shouldn't automatically rule out the idea of buying a brand new car. Instead, consider these benefits to buying new; if you do, you might decide that a new car is exactly what you want, whether you are buying a Chevy Silverado or any other type of vehicle.

1. More Rebates and Incentives You might find that the difference in price between a new and gently used car isn't as significant as you think if you look at the rebates and incentives that are available. A lot of car sales professionals are encouraged to sell the newest and greatest models on the lot, so they're often able to offer discounts.

2. Easier Financing Believe it or not, it can actually be easier to secure financing for a new car rather than an old one. For example, many car manufacturers offer easy financing for qualified buyers who purchase brand new cars. You might also find that you can score a lower interest rate and can buy with a smaller down payment.

3. Dealer Perks Some dealerships offer perks for customers who buy brand new cars, such as free maintenance for several years. These perks can help make up for the cost of buying a new car and can help you take good care of your new vehicle.

4. Better Warranty Although a lot of used cars come with warranties as well, they are often more limited than those that come with brand new vehicles. A lot of new cars come with bumper-to-bumper warranties for a certain number of years or until you put a certain number of miles on the vehicle. This can provide peace of mind because you won't have to worry about paying for repairs if issues come up.

5. Newest and Greatest Features Car manufacturers are all competing to offer the best technology and the best features, so you can benefit from the newest and the best by buying new. You'll also have the opportunity to "build" your perfect vehicle if you want, which will allow you to pick and choose your favorite features, your favorite color, the best package and more. This can help you end up with the exact car that you want.

Although it's always smart to consider your different options before making a vehicle purchase, you shouldn't assume that a new car isn't for you. As you can probably see, there are plenty of benefits to buying new, so you may want to talk to a new car dealer (such as Ranger Chevrolet-Buick-GMC) to find out more before investing in a used vehicle.


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Deciding What You Want

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